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Region 7 Exhibition photos - 6.7.2013

 Elizabeth 1st as she is on a painting in her favourite dress that had fabulous jewels on it. (These jewels are sugar crystals.)

The theme for the tables

was entitled

         "THIRTEEN"       so

our members chose "The

Thirteen Original Colonies

of The United States of



You see on the table

Elizabeth 1st watching the

Pilgrims going for the

Mayflower ship to set sail

for the New World.....

The small sprays of flowers are the national

flower of each of the New

Colonies with a national flag alongside them.

Pocahontas with her tepee is, of course on the other side of the table representing the new world with all it's trials of settling down in the Americas.

This was beautifully made by Chris. I like the drying skin at the back.

On the front of our table we have an original 13 colonies flag (unfortunately we had to shorten it to fit, but it looked impressive all the same. Thank you Suzanne F for this.

On the background a 13 Colonies flag along with our flag of St. George as the Union Flag was not created until James 1 was crowned King.


Gwen's model Pilgrims.

Margaret's floral item has 13 roses representing each of the 13 Colonies.  These roses looked much better in real life.

The royal iced cake on the left made by Suzanne has a beautiful run-out of the Mayflower on the front.

On the right, this was also made by Suzanne but is made from Pastillage paste - not an easy task but one that was managed very well.

Virginia is where the Pilgrims allegedly first landed and named it after the Virgin Queen.

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