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Cassie Brown      


Frances McNaughton


Holly Products       has now ceased trading.


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Stephen Benison 


Squires Group     


Windsor Cake Craft   




SCS is our local Sugarcraft shop on Orchard Road, Finedon.                                                                   

has  a very good selection of items and can be ordered if they do not have it within 2 days.

 There is a percentage off for British Sugarcraft Guild members upon showing your membership card.

We, as members of Wellingborough Branch are now able to have an Account Card wtih SCS Packaging,

all you have to do is show your Account Card before they start your Invoice.

The Sugarsmith is  now closed down.

Howitts Garden Centre, Rockingham Road, Corby.                                                              


The latest Sugarcraft Shop is CC Cupcakes of 37, Broadway, Kettering this is on the                  

corner of Broadway and Argyll Street.   The shop has a very good selection of sugarcraft

items, these also could be ordered and collected within a couple of days.  Also there is a

percentage off all items for British Sugarcraft Guild Members, upon showing your

membership card. This shop is the one that used to be on Field Street, Kettering.