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The British Sugarcraft Guild was inaugurated officially on 17th March 1981 with the first Meeting of the Steering Committee. Their backgrounds varied but these enthusiastic cake decorators were united firmly by their love of the art of sugarcraft.  With a swan and its reflection as a logo a Newsletter for new members and its motto 'My Craft is my Art' the British Sugarcraft Guild was born.There are 126 branches throughout the country. Most meet on a regular basis and it's a way to meet new and old friends. In addition to meeting people, most branches invite a demonstrator to come along and demonstrate a number of skills or tasks. It's a great way to learn new skills and techniques and learn tips and tricks to make your hobby more enjoyable. Who knows you may even want to get up and do a demonstration yourself - you could be inspired!To find out where your local Meeting is please check the website.​

The Aims of the Guild are:​

  • To promote and stimulate interest in Sugarcraft as an art form​

  • To share knowledge​

  • To develop talent​

  • To improve standards​

  • Our Motto is:  "My Craft is my Art"


The British Sugarcraft Guild (BSG) is made up of 7 regions after 1 region joined with the surrounding areas.        Branches hold demonstrations, workshops and swap ideas, some Branches sell sugarcraft products at some of the meetings. All involve members who are interested in Sugarcraft from beginners right the way through to experts.

To find out if there is a Branch near you try under 'Links' under ‘Information’  Why not come as a visitor and meet your local members? They are a friendly bunch and will be happy to offer you a cup of tea/coffee and biscuit during the evening. Some members don't make cakes they just come for the company and are interested in seeing other peoples skills demonstrated.

 Our region also organises an Exhibition every other year with an International Exhibition which brought people in from all over the world.                  .

As a Member of the BSG you would receive a quarterly Newsletter in magazine format from the Guild giving news on Exhibitions, Articles, Photographs, Advice and much more. If it is difficult for you to get to a meeting you could become an Individual Member, more details from the National Office ( or enquire when you visit your local Branch Meeting. We hope that we met some of you at the our exhibition in  May 2016.








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