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Children's sugarcraft work at our local Library.  5th August 2015


 The Libraries are doing a "Record Breakers" Theme for children who attend the library and there are various events going on throughout the school holidays.   We decided to help out by two of us going to do a Record Breaker of the Library's own.  They were to all have a 5" round board which I had already covered in mid green sugarpaste so that the flowers would stick then they had to  try to get as many flowers on this as they could.  It was a bit of a challenge they ranged from 2 years (not including the 2 month old baby who was more interested in his milk) to about 9.  The tiny ones we allowed to put the large blossoms on and the older children had to use the smaller blossom cutters.  Most of them roped their Mum or Nan in to help which hadn't quite been our idea but....well they are only little.   We had 14 youngsters who were very busy and 1 little one left early so didn't get the photo. There is another photo on the 'show more'. there was only 1 young man attending, he won with 161 flowers, second was 154 flowers and third was 105 flowers.  They all did very well and got a Certificate provided by the Finedon Library manager.

The last 6 are from the Wellingborough Library on 13th August 2015, and these children also did extremely well.  We again had a 1st, 2nd and 3rd and if memory serves me correctly that was 269, 169 and 165 - again all the children received a Certificate for taking part.  I am sure you will agree there are some beautiful designs and colours.

Rushden Library Display 2017.

We were able to put these sugarcraft items into our local Library.  These went in at the beginning of January 2017 and we had them in for the whole of January. When we went to collect them the Head Librarian said that there had been a great many positive comments on our work.

You can imagine how pleased we were to hear this and they wanted us to put more items into their cabinet later in the year.

We booked for October 2017.  Now we have to make new items that will hopefully have the same appeal to people who visit the library.

Our Library Display 2016

Rushden Library Jan 2017 10.
Rushden Library Jan 2017 9
Rushden Library Jan 2017 8
Rushden Library Jan 2017 7
Rushden Library Jan 2017 6
Rushden Library Jan 2017 4
Rushden Library Jan 2017 5
Rushden Library Jan 2017 3
Rushden Library Jan 2017 2
Rushden Library Jan 2017 1,
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